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I’m always thinking about what I want to do and now it’s time to do as the time to act will only ever be done in the now! So let’s act and be done with time!

Excuses for not acting are for the thinkers who just think! For many years I’ve been intending to write but it’s so easy to put down the proverbial pen and discontinue writing, because of an unabiding fear of how I will be perceived.  Not by strangers or even people I know, but by myself.

— Kaukau (3 December 2019).
May 2015 Northcote

A couple of years ago, my eldest son Kyle, his father Boris and I were sitting at a Maccas restaurant and I lamented that I’d not led an eventful life and, Kyle stated that I hadn’t led an eventful life before moving to Australia. I corrected him and said, “since Ive moved to Australia”. He corrected me by saying that my life had been eventful for what I had done for others.  Poignantly true.  However, I don’t always receive thank yous and people aren’t grateful for the things I’ve done for them, in fact I’m often  shunned for it.  Thus, I stopped helping everyone else and started focussing on myself.  

Sunday April 19 2020 – Alot had changed thanks to COVID19 and I’ve been focusing much of my energy creatively, studying, writing, gardening, DIY, taking and using my myriad of photographs, learning Te Reo, vocal practice and engaging with people in person. My entire world has changed because I have removed all mental limits and opened myself up fully to myself and thus, others.


What am I about?

Evolution of self and elucidating the pathways for others to see.

This blog is about how I worked through insanity and slowly began to practise my way to sanity and now my journey is pushing me to a state of no-mind where I can no longer cause problems for myself or for others. Practise makes permanent and it’s nice to be able to see through the illusions. Now all my life and professional skills coupled with my education and passions have culminated to enable me to help you see your path. It’s there in front of you ….. visit Facebook.com/kaukau.life. 

There is no such thing as good times or bad times……… there are simply situations where somethings are great and one is grateful and some situations where somethings aren’t so great and ones nerves are grated! The latter applies to me 99% of the time!!!!!!!

8 March 2017
December 2019 Preston

Music is my passion and I love all genres. However, I spend very little time listening to music, as I’ve given up music for a number of years. This I aliken to ripping one’s heart and soul out of one’s body! To numb the excruciating pain, I became obsessed with my youngest son Amani’s sport.

No good comes of obsession, no matter how honourable one says one’s intentions are!

  • There are always repercussions.
  • There are always victims.

The underlying premise of pain, anger, resentment and loathing is always fear!

Fear will always make itself manifest because one invests energy into it by thinking about it!

  • The thing and or person that one fears the most is in the mirror.

It’s fed by the toxic thinking mind, which inhibits joy and creativity.

Who am I? I am you!

Although, this is my journey. Perhaps you’ll see yourself reflected in my footsteps and learn where to step!

December 2019 Preston

There are people who walk the talk, and people who talk the walk. Over the years, I’ve had to walk the talk of others and, in turn I’ve made my sons walk other people’s talk.  Number 1 question to ask …….. why?

Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes … yoda was a small entity so is Banjo!

Good things come in small packages

If I had a dollar for every excuse I made or heard I’d make Bill Gates look like a pauper

Taking things for granted is what we’re all guilty of until we can no longer do it, have it, see it or be it …. only then is it appreciated, only then is its value known.

Be the minority that loves every moment like its the most precious thing in the world!

Practise what you most need to learn

Learn that what you most need to practise, may not be pleasant …. such as hitting/kicking/bouncing/dribblingshooting a ball repeatedly all day everyday for years. Until one kicks/hits/shoots a championship goal/point. That’s when practise is labelled a skill.

Solution always presents itself …. however, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to like it.

“I do believe in fairies I do, I do” Finding Neverland

Glass half full is one thing but what about glass bent sideways

In my normal environment, I can handle anything. Handling everything in an abnormal environment is very challenging and it’s here that I need to practise being awesome the most …. “I do believe in fairies” … simply means, believe in the impossible because if you focus hard enough, the impossible becomes reality!

Time to appreciate what we no longer have is what we want when people are gone, we’re away from home, an event is over or we’re facing our own mortality.

Its a waste of time, wasting time, so spend your time more wisely so, you can look back, without appreciative guilt of all the time you should’ve given more kindly.

I used to waste a lot of time thinking about useless nonsense, feeling persecuted, resenting and loathing the very things I wish I could have back. Appreciate everything you do with love, even your mistakes and the mistakes of others, living each moment as if it’s your last because in time, it will be.

Food and water are the greatest commodities on earth

Quality food = Quality Mind = Quality Body …. IT IS THAT SIMPLE AND YOU’RE WORTH THE COST

Those of us lucky enough to have choice as to what we eat need to wisen up to the fact that our bodies reflect the quality of what we ingest.

Why didn’t I sit to remove my boots?

I practised my way into having complete trust in my skills and capabilities … you can too 🤗

I’m not always in an ideal situation and I need to do what I need to do to get things done!

Time is the illusion that makes you think you’re separated from everyone but in actual fact time is meaningless when hooked up to universal love 😊

Love traverses everything,  even the illusion that we’re different.

I live in the heart of Melbourne and I’m in the poorest part of Auckland and  it doesn’t matter … cos who we is the same irrespective of where we’re from

Change management is simply the art of reinforcing desired behaviour until the behaviour is permanent….

“Practise makes permanent” Vocal Coach Eric Arceneaux

Any vision, dream belief is achievable once a strategy is in place. Part of which requires acknowledgement, surrender and complete acceptance of what is, identifying mental roadblocks, creating goals, creating self-talk and mental skills that will provide motivation and consolidate the necessary behaviour to achieve the desired outcome.

I’ll be very clear …. if you’re in a mental rut, overweight, have an addiction, broke, are being abused, including by oneself, in a mental place or doing anything other than what you really want, you employed all of the behaviours listed above to get there.

That’s where I come in!

It’s always the simple things we miss … a home cooked meal, walking out the front door to go somewhere, basking in the sunlight, the wind on our skin, sand or dirt under our feet, swimming in water, being able to stand next to somebody without fear

I went up sky tower with my family once and jumped off willingly …. had I known that one day,  sky tower would be a beacon of freedom,  I’d not have talked so much and drunk in my surroundings 🤐

After a week away from home, my youngest son asked when I was returning home because he missed me and that footy starts July 25 2020. “I don’t know” I responded. Whenever I used to receive such a response from the boys, knowing that I knew that they knew, I used to say, “well if you don’t know, who would know”. Everywhere around the world people are asking “when are things going back to normal?” … the response? “I don’t know”! Truly I understand the meaning of those words now. We all need to be at peace with “I don’t know!”

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