I am You

I’m watching the clouds drift pass my window …. I love clouds, seeing what my imagination does, pure magic

I am a whale gliding through the esoteric waves of the universe

I am strong and powerful, yet gentle and kind

I am the force of nature and yet I am human

I am free to enunciate all that is meaningful and yet I am not

I am beautiful to behold for I am the mother of all that is good and evil

I am a contradiction to all that is known and yet I am truth

I am awake!

I am speeding through space, alive to the moment

I am seeing without mind a ghost to the flagrant wind

I am knowing without seeing a past that is my future

I am beauty without grounds and grounds without boundaries

I am love without lines and worries without speeches

I am akin to the light but darkness and glowing

I am magic!

I am a cloud morphing into light and light without darkness

I am singing my truth and yet it is a lie

I am laughing in the rain and yet

I’m not wet

I am sighing my truth and yet I am breathing

I am a universal cosmos and yet I am here

I love without meaning and I’m meaning to love

I am life!

I am simply a woman a beating heart

I am genius beyond recognition and I yet I know nought

I am strenuous work that knows leaps and bounds

I am seeking of value and yet I am none

I am feeling decapitated a widowless tree

I am skilled with labour and yet there’s no work

I am death!

11 July 2019

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