Mental Constructs

Lost in mental constructs Diminishing ever more Shrinking from reality Afraid to move on Furtive looks of hatred Gleaming through beaded eyes 
Am I safe, unknown
Crying with dry eyes
Mental moans escaping
Calm is not a friend
Laughing eyes are saddled With bright words of regret
Hurt and pain abundant Screaming yet for more
I’m not for you
You’re not for me
Disconnected from all we see Hatred fills the furtive looks Love is not in sight
A word with no significance  Yet there in plain sight Searching eyes a seeking
But blind for what is there Lost in mental constructs
No intelligence in sight Lost in mental conflict
Pain is flesh a fire
Lost in mental conflict
Love is pain personified
Lost in mental subject
Hate is still denied
Lost in mental constructs
Hate is loved with sighs
Lost in mental constructs
Love is not applied
The past it has no bearing What’s done was lost in space Hunger satiates and lingers Abandoned by it’s fate
I know not what is coming
I know I have the faith
I know that mental constructs, no longer have their sway!

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