The grieving human mind lives in a world of fantasy and illusion, caught between the past and an untenable future, where it holds onto and is fueled by anger, desire, hatred, power and fear …. It’s real because it’s in your mind.

April 23 2020

My human mind is in its death throes and as it dissipates, everything that has ever caused me pain has come to the fore and, I’ve spent much of the week oscillating between anger and resentment, depression, denial and hope. The window of acceptance that I create is when I go to a place where my mind cannot go, the creative landscape where I am free to pursue my vision of universal love unhindered. In this place I create these words that I share because the greater intelligence now governs who I am, which no human mindset can fathom! Be the window to your soul and create a door that you leave open for love to enter. People don’t mean to hurt you deliberately, they are simply governed by a grieving human mind!

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