Love means letting go of who you think you are ๐Ÿ’™

I’m not going to my room today
I want to go out to play
I’m not going to eat those vege things
I want to play on the swing
I’m not going to that place with books
The people there give me funny looks
I’m not happy with that stupid room
It fits barely more than a broom
I don’t know why you keep calling me small
On chairs and books I’m really tall
I don’t get why I should go to bed so early
Dad stays up late and he’s big and burly
I don’t know why you make me read that stuff
Aren’t I already smart and good enough?
Ok I heard what you said
But I’m not yawning for me I’m yawning for Ted
His eyes are drooping cos he’s worked real hard
We ran all day out in the yard
I told him slow down we’ve got all day
But he smiled at me and turned to say
You’re growing up and you won’t need me
I’ll be that thing you used to see
So I told him strongly that he was wrong
My love for him goes on and on
I don’t know when we said goodbye
Because my love for him was not a lie
I know I didn’t love him any less
I loved him more and sent him on another quest
I watch for him sometimes when I’m alone
But I know he’s gone to his real home.

Love your mind with love until it goes … The universe needs the energy to create a more beautiful universe ๐Ÿฅฐ

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