I was told recently that everything within me has something to do with my heart and mind and, I disagreed.

I understand that the person was trying to convey that you make manifest what is in your mind and heart ie a loving person who radiates positivity would be good? Everybody else would be bad? Most people oscillate between both labels and it’s the reason why poor mental health exists. People always want to feel good and feel bad if they don’t. As for being neutral, that’s unacceptable … just look at how many people are glued to a device. The heart and mind are limitations because we’re comprised of the same matter as the stars, organic and inorganic matter, much of which have no heart or mind. We are part of the infinitesimal greater intelligence that is unquantifiable and unknown. I’m at my best when neither my mind and heart (emotions?) operate. The savasana or corpse pose is so named because the mind is still and emotions, even good ones are irrelevant because one is united with the universe.

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