I would love to take credit for all that I create but I am heavily influenced by Eckhart Tolle.

Eckhart Tolle says that all creativity stems from consciousness or a state of no mind, which is when the thinking mind ceases to operate. Almost as soon as I finish, I have no memory of what of what I’ve written. Either that or I need to work on improving my memory. Yes I am exceptionally clever and really smart, which once allowed me to out strategise some extremely talented sportsmen, obtain a plethora of papers that say I can perform certain skills, win a vast number of arguments, juggle a multitude of tasks and manage alot of stuff. But the only time I can see evidence of being a genius is when I’m in a state of no-mind and I just allow myself to be. In this state I am confident that I know what to do, even if I lack the skill, information or knowledge. I am always directed to the answer or I simply create it.

Van Gogh’s starry night – Genius!

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