It’s always the simple things we miss … a home cooked meal, walking out the front door to go somewhere, basking in the sunlight, the wind on our skin, sand or dirt under our feet, swimming in water, being able to stand next to somebody without fear

I went up sky tower with my family once and jumped off willingly …. had I known that one day,  sky tower would be a beacon of freedom,  I’d not have talked so much and drunk in my surroundings 🤐

After a week away from home, my youngest son asked when I was returning home because he missed me and that footy starts July 25 2020. “I don’t know” I responded. Whenever I used to receive such a response from the boys, knowing that I knew that they knew, I used to say, “well if you don’t know, who would know”. Everywhere around the world people are asking “when are things going back to normal?” … the response? “I don’t know”! Truly I understand the meaning of those words now. We all need to be at peace with “I don’t know!”

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