What do you see?

I can see who you are
Yet I can see what you act to be
I can see what you want
But I can see how you deny thee
I can see how you fight
Yourself, and all that you are
I can see what you need
But you keep it afar!

I can see the light that shines within
It burns brighter that the novae stars
I can see the dark that shuts out the light
It’s held down tight and all seems dim
I can see your struggle to wake afresh
The haunted hollows a fettered net.

I can see how you plea
Though you stoically fight
I can see how you beat me
Frozen I lie
I can see you reach softly
Withdrawing your hand.

I can see the walls steeply
A treacherous climb
I can see the pill box 
Inside it you hide
I can see how you shiver
Though tropics you reside.

I can see what has made you
A shadowed beast
And I know that you see me
Though you see me the least
I can see where you cower
Alone though crowded.

I can see your habituation
It’s troubled and sad
I can see how you taunt me
Yes it makes me mad
I can see what you needed
When all was aflame.

Can you see how I’m watching
Through eyes that aren’t there
I don’t need to be near you
To know what you fear
I can see through the cosmos
It’s how I enter your mind.

I can see you’ve made choices
Regretfully made.
You’re protecting your sight now
You’ll take this to the grave.
I can see what you’re saying
I agree, but I’ve changed.

I can see my behaviour
Is not a reflection of yours
I can see how I ran once
I ran trapped in my walls
I can see why I do this
The dance where I see
I am seeing for you
And I’m seeing for me.

I can see how I’m shallow
And run at a glance
It’s a seeing of danger
An old trepid dance
But what if I stay here and see only you
Then would I have depth, a binding glue.
I can see that I’m lying
When I say my behaviours not yours
I can see it’s a dance
A pushing of swords
I can see the experiment
I can see the test.

I can see why you say things
You’re feeding my glee
I can see I’d be happy
Alone and free
I can see over my shoulder
I turn, I see you.

I can see what I am now
You’re squeezing my neck
I can see that you hurt me
And it hurts you right back
I can see that you’re broken
And you can see how.
But you’re trapped in your seeing,
And you’re looking through clouds.

I can see I have choices
And it’s me or it’s you
Am I shallow with depth?
Or I am depth binding glue?
I can see you push harder
I can see how I fall
I can get on my knees
Can you see how I crawl?

Do I listen to reason?
What I see it makes sense
But I see 2 sided squares
That’s called ambivalence 
I can see and I wonder
What am I to do?
I can see who I am now
And then I see you.

I can see you remind me
Of a girl long ago
I can see I was frightened
Starving, alone
I can see I wished desperately
For a kind hand
I wished and I wanted
Too scared to understand.

I can see that not everyone’s 
Like those people in the past
I can see because I can see me
Yes, I can see me at last.
I can see you don’t trust me
Hell, I have only learnt to trust myself.

I can see if I’ve changed
I stop running and ask
Can I see you again?
Without your intrepid mask
I can see there’s no hiding
I can see that you’re scared.

I can see that I am the hand 
that I wished for bereft
I can see that I’m the hand 
that you wished for unkempt
I can see that I’m real now
Because now I see you
I can see I’m the depth
The depth binding glue!
This is how I see you!

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