Why didn’t I sit to remove my boots?

I’m not always in an ideal situation and I need to do what I need to do to get things done!

The lens of the mind makes everything mutually exclusive

It’s one or the other, it’s black or it’s white, it’s good or it’s bad. Mental constructs that can be defined, labeled and shelved. But I’m none of those labels …. In fact no label can define who I am. Therefore, through a normal lens I am an anomaly and I’m proud to be justContinue reading “The lens of the mind makes everything mutually exclusive”

Well earned treat … Stretching is exercising too 💙

Yoga props – imagination …. use what you have

All pain and all gain …. 8 wouldn’t know what 8 know now, without it! But next time 8’m offered the easy way, 8’m taking it …. Not all lessons need be painful 😏

🐝 CALM 🐝 WELL 🐝 HEALTHY – My reward to myself …… yin yoga best start to the day, followed later by Pilates and cycling (sometimes walking) to where I need to go too