Change management is simply the art of reinforcing desired behaviour until the behaviour is permanent….

Any vision, dream belief is achievable once a strategy is in place. Part of which requires acknowledgement, surrender and complete acceptance of what is, identifying mental roadblocks, creating goals, creating self-talk and mental skills that will provide motivation and consolidate the necessary behaviour to achieve the desired outcome. I’ll be very clear …. if you’reContinue reading “Change management is simply the art of reinforcing desired behaviour until the behaviour is permanent….”

Misery is infectious and is designed to maim but for those of us who know this, we’re responsible for loving them more.

People who hurt others are conditioned to do so and they can be reconditioned. Like washing ones hair, acceptance is the shampoo and love is the conditioner. The brand? Universal power 😇

Accidents are created, suicide is encouraged, bullying is tolerated, pollution is accepted, exploitation is mandatory and greed is justified because we live under a system governed by fear, where good people care more about keeping their job/reputation/safety/money/belongings/perspective than speaking up.

We are currently living in the fairytale where the emperor is wearing no clothes. Are you part of the crowd pretending to see what isn’t there, are you the emperor or are you the little boy who points out reality? Where you stand matters!

Whanau vs whanau, for who’s benefit?

This morning I was thinking about gangster warfare in New Zealand and I created the title about midday and left it. Little did I realise that my two boys would have a physical altercation and fight one another, both in tears from the emotional trauma. This is one legacy that I had created. I hadContinue reading “Whanau vs whanau, for who’s benefit?”