If I had a dollar for every excuse I made or heard I’d make Bill Gates look like a pauper

Be the minority that loves every moment like its the most precious thing in the world!

CoVID19 is a tangible threat that forced humanity together in isolation.

Thought forms have caused more devastation and unnecessary loss of life, livelihoods, infrastructure, environmental damage and fear than any human pandemic. Have we learnt nothing in the past 2 months?

Once upon a time there was a clever little girl who could never admit she was wrong ….

That little girl grew up to have children who perpetuate that truth. Now she lives with the knowledge that being right can often be so wrong! What does your truth say and if it causes pain was being right worth it?

Allow yourself to feel without labels

Often I feel amazing and my mind looks for a reason why …. Yin yoga practise, a person, food, alcohol, an event, music, poetry ….. The possibilities are endless. Today I just allowed myself to feel amazing for no other reason than just because …. Me practising being awesome 🙏