Leading causes of death in Australia

CoVid 19 has been around for less than 2 years and there have been fewer than 1478 deaths YET it warrants all of the health focus, has cost trillions of dollars in lost productivity, vaccines and propaganda and kept us all prisoners. Why?

When my sons’ father had a heart attack 5 years ago my 13 year old fell apart and I told him to pull his shit together and fall apart afterwards.

Two and a half weeks after my brother’s accident, this is me invoking my right to fall apart.

Accidents are created, suicide is encouraged, bullying is tolerated, pollution is accepted, exploitation is mandatory and greed is justified because we live under a system governed by fear, where good people care more about keeping their job/reputation/safety/money/belongings/perspective than speaking up.

We are currently living in the fairytale where the emperor is wearing no clothes. Are you part of the crowd pretending to see what isn’t there, are you the emperor or are you the little boy who points out reality? Where you stand matters!

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