An optical illusion requires imagination …. dream freely!

After almost 5 months in New Zealand I’d forgotten why until I saw this artwork and then I remembered why I love just because …

In Melbourne where I am most safe and feel most comfortable, it’s easy to be at peace.

Being at peace, accepting and non-judgemental is really difficult so now I need to learn to be in a state of surrender …. accepting untenable things as if I chose them and allowing all the negative emotions to dissipate. Thus enabling wisdom to prevail and to remind me the problem exists only in my mind,Continue reading “In Melbourne where I am most safe and feel most comfortable, it’s easy to be at peace.”

If I had a dollar for every excuse I made or heard I’d make Bill Gates look like a pauper

Be the minority that loves every moment like its the most precious thing in the world!

Practise what you most need to learn

Solution always presents itself …. however, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to like it.

When my sons’ father had a heart attack 5 years ago my 13 year old fell apart and I told him to pull his shit together and fall apart afterwards.

Two and a half weeks after my brother’s accident, this is me invoking my right to fall apart.

Weddings, accidents, emergencies, disasters and funerals should not be the only reason to connect! Do it just because 🥰

It took my brother Atene’s accident to bring us together and for me to communicate with my family …… I’ve spent the past 2 weeks doing way I should’ve always done – taken time for people I love 😍

Age is a poor indication of maturity ….

From the age of 7, I was left at home and learnt to survive …. for many years I felt that I’d been abandoned.  Last week i realised,  my parents were teaching me how to look after myself because they had confidence in me that I’d be OK. I realise now that I didn’t survive,Continue reading “Age is a poor indication of maturity ….”

CoVID19 is a tangible threat that forced humanity together in isolation.

Thought forms have caused more devastation and unnecessary loss of life, livelihoods, infrastructure, environmental damage and fear than any human pandemic. Have we learnt nothing in the past 2 months?

The only thing that separates success from failure is “I am …. I am doing it!

Visualise the best possible version of who you are and then practise your way to it. Each time you falter remember, a cup is filled one drop at a time, a step requires many physiological and psychological processes to occur in a systematic manner. Creating a great system requires time and effort but like you,Continue reading “The only thing that separates success from failure is “I am …. I am doing it!”