What we remember sometimes need to be forgot

CoVID19 provided an opportunity for the world to stop fighting amongst ourselves and value each other.

Unprecedented cooperation and goodwill has caused humanity to unite as one … let’s make that our primary focus and take the opportunity to deconstruct weapons, persecution, racism, prejudice and fear …. let’s invest in humanity!

The bugle was clearly audible as 8 practised yoga this morning and 8 stopped to pay homage to everyone that has passed in conflict. Lest we forget ….. Let’s practise to remember that we are strong within ourselves but stronger together namaste

ANZAC Day should remind us that conflict, war and greed are not viable solutions to sustaining life, practising acceptance and tolerance and relinquishing toxic mental constructs are! My vision is to connect the world and I’m doing it one moment and one person at a time ….. Live your vision!