Leading causes of death in Australia

CoVid 19 has been around for less than 2 years and there have been fewer than 1478 deaths YET it warrants all of the health focus, has cost trillions of dollars in lost productivity, vaccines and propaganda and kept us all prisoners. Why?

Be willing to validate what you know: Take 5 – Part 1 of my journey to finding validation

How I learnt to Get out of my own way…. still practicing 😂🤣

CoVID19 provided an opportunity for the world to stop fighting amongst ourselves and value each other.

Unprecedented cooperation and goodwill has caused humanity to unite as one … let’s make that our primary focus and take the opportunity to deconstruct weapons, persecution, racism, prejudice and fear …. let’s invest in humanity!

COVID19 has enabled me to connect to people on an unprecedented scale … some people lost everything and some people gained something. 

I gained new friends and the capacity to communicate with people of all ages,  nationalities, creeds and religions …. 7.8 billion stories to tell, minus 2.

CoVID19 is a tangible threat that forced humanity together in isolation.

Thought forms have caused more devastation and unnecessary loss of life, livelihoods, infrastructure, environmental damage and fear than any human pandemic. Have we learnt nothing in the past 2 months?

BE CALM BE WELL BE HEALTHY – It’s time for Political Leaders to demonstrate true leadership

Fast food places are not essential services! High end couture are not essential services! Construction needs to be deployed to building hospitals and accommodation for the greater community need not for the global affluent! The price of good quality food that New Zealand produces such as dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables needs toContinue reading “BE CALM BE WELL BE HEALTHY – It’s time for Political Leaders to demonstrate true leadership”

Pretty on the outside!

NZ is like a stereotypical blonde, pretty to look at but oh so dumb! I now know fully why I stayed away from NZ for so long and why I cannot remain. Racial segregation and thus prejudice is rife in this country, as is disempowerment, exploitation and a low accepted standard for the unknowing masses.Continue reading “Pretty on the outside!”

In New Zealand, sadly it is cheaper to be fat than it is to be healthy.

One third of New Zealand’s 4.7 million population is overweight or obese, second behind the mighty USA. Suffice to say, New Zealanders are overfed but undernourished! The food on display is typical of a New Zealand cafe fare. Only 2 of the food items available could be considered healthy ie they were vegetarian pizza optionsContinue reading “In New Zealand, sadly it is cheaper to be fat than it is to be healthy.”