Practise what you most need to learn

Solution always presents itself …. however, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to like it.

Hard work, hardly working or work that is hard …. amazing how a few extra letters can change the context of words.

I’ve spent so many years running on a ţreadmill that went nowhere … working hard with work that I made hard, which inevitably was hardly working. Confused? I was once too 😅

We are all connected and not by technology …. The universe acts through you, so pay attention to what it’s trying to say.

Every conceivable skill I have is now on tapI am on babyI am powerfulI am amazingBut most importantly, I am you!

Sports Junkie – Keeping him ready for the next game!

There is no future endeavour that any one of the boys whom I have had the privilege of being background noise too, that could make me feel any more proud.  How is this possible … I simply know that noone person will ever ask or demand of them more than what I demanded. Playing forContinue reading “Sports Junkie – Keeping him ready for the next game!”