Time to appreciate what we no longer have is what we want when people are gone, we’re away from home, an event is over or we’re facing our own mortality.

I used to waste a lot of time thinking about useless nonsense, feeling persecuted, resenting and loathing the very things I wish I could have back. Appreciate everything you do with love, even your mistakes and the mistakes of others, living each moment as if it’s your last because in time, it will be.

Hard work, hardly working or work that is hard …. amazing how a few extra letters can change the context of words.

I’ve spent so many years running on a Ε£readmill that went nowhere … working hard with work that I made hard, which inevitably was hardly working. Confused? I was once too πŸ˜…

CoVID19 provided an opportunity for the world to stop fighting amongst ourselves and value each other.

Unprecedented cooperation and goodwill has caused humanity to unite as one … let’s make that our primary focus and take the opportunity to deconstruct weapons, persecution, racism, prejudice and fear …. let’s invest in humanity!

Currently I’m in “Isolation” but I’m not isolated …

People can find a million reasons to separate themselves from other people …. bridge the gap because we need to stay connected, even in isolation πŸ€”

CoVID19 is a tangible threat that forced humanity together in isolation.

Thought forms have caused more devastation and unnecessary loss of life, livelihoods, infrastructure, environmental damage and fear than any human pandemic. Have we learnt nothing in the past 2 months?

I have always looked from a distance shielded in a bubble of ignorance for a truth I thought mattered.

What was my truth? Nobody but me matters because from a distance it is sometimes hard to know if you are seen ….. but nobody goes unnoticed and nobody is immune to love, not even the girl who bubble wrapped her heart for protection ο€ͺ

Dark and light are the same continuum that allow different things to stand out at different times.

Dark and light are party of the same continuum

Well earned treat … Stretching is exercising too πŸ’™

Accidents are created, suicide is encouraged, bullying is tolerated, pollution is accepted, exploitation is mandatory and greed is justified because we live under a system governed by fear, where good people care more about keeping their job/reputation/safety/money/belongings/perspective than speaking up.

We are currently living in the fairytale where the emperor is wearing no clothes. Are you part of the crowd pretending to see what isn’t there, are you the emperor or are you the little boy who points out reality? Where you stand matters!

Love means letting go of who you think you are πŸ’™

I’m not going to my room todayI want to go out to playI’m not going to eat those vege thingsI want to play on the swingI’m not going to that place with booksThe people there give me funny looksI’m not happy with that stupid roomIt fits barely more than a broomI don’t know why youContinue reading “Love means letting go of who you think you are πŸ’™”