Childhood set me up beautifully to fail πŸ€¨

I created hell for my family and I πŸ₯Ί

We create and make manifest our fears by energising them, discussing and thinking about them …. invariably we also create the solutions for them and the capacity to cope with them πŸ₯²

Our worst nightmare is our bet teaching tool 😳

Eckhart Tolle pointed the way to a better way of living πŸ€ͺ

Be the little pockets of silence, where you know without information 🧐

Get out of your way by pushing beyond what your mind tells you is normal

I Practice what I Preach ….. If I’m not working hard, I’ll stay home πŸ˜“

How I learnt to Get out of my own way…. still practicing πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

A life changing conversation in 2005, the most challenging year of my life that taught me to trust in my capabilities!

The story behind β€œ Getting out of your own way!”

Every story has a beginning, so let me tell you mine 🧐

Get out of your way by questioning stupid decisions and thoughts

Boris is incapacitated and is not a flight, so instead of putting him in jail, tell him to go to court on Monday 😳

Get out of your way by celebrating success πŸ₯³

My brother Hiku recently graduated from using a push button phone to a smart phone despite having a limiting belief of not being able to use computers, having a disability and being heavily medicated πŸ€“

Get out of your way by working hard to elicit long term change πŸ˜‚

Working hard means that you are investing in yourself because you know you’re worth the time and effort πŸ₯²

Get out of your way by pushing through limiting beliefs (thanks Tony Robbins)

Practise makes permanent and when you push through when it’s easier to give up, it builds confidence 🧐

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