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Why silence is golden

When the internal voice is silent, one can hear life’s ambient sounds better

When words and actions are no longer necessary

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the other side of fear

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Feel emotions without stories

There’s a fine line between helpful and dosing.


Medication is supposed to help my brother. However, in the same entrants where his practitioners were saying he was well ie taking his medication consistently, they also stated that he was malodorous and unkempt, drooled incessantly and exhibited uncontrollable shaking (Tardive dyskinesia) and paced uncontrollably (Akathisia). In addition, he has myocarditis,  hypotension, and needs Vitamin D tablets due to the impact upon the liver to process the medication, a C curve scoliosis and lordotic-kyphosis of the spine and exceedingly self-limiting thought patterns. There are almost 3 decades of these statements and this I’m told is success. My response?My brother is not the only one that’s insane!
Medication is not always the best answer.
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