Insomnia is a problem so I choose to say that my sleeping patterns are askew …..

Insanity is created and nurtured so too is intelligence, so choose what you practise.

Practise what you most need to learn

Solution always presents itself …. however, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to like it.

Change management is simply the art of reinforcing desired behaviour until the behaviour is permanent….

Any vision, dream belief is achievable once a strategy is in place. Part of which requires acknowledgement, surrender and complete acceptance of what is, identifying mental roadblocks, creating goals, creating self-talk and mental skills that will provide motivation and consolidate the necessary behaviour to achieve the desired outcome. I’ll be very clear …. if you’reContinue reading “Change management is simply the art of reinforcing desired behaviour until the behaviour is permanent….”

Hard work, hardly working or work that is hard …. amazing how a few extra letters can change the context of words.

I’ve spent so many years running on a Ε£readmill that went nowhere … working hard with work that I made hard, which inevitably was hardly working. Confused? I was once too πŸ˜…

Many of us think the more we have the better we will be. Whenever I think of what happy people look like …..

They are materialistically the poorest people on earth. They discovered for free what many of us materialistically wealthy people will never know. Acceptance for what is!

Follow your heart because that’s where your dreams are πŸ€—

I’ve never watched any of the Rocky movies but I like so many others know Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” ….. “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, You must fight just to keep them alive”

Unfortunately my dreams were often nightmares and I fought to keep them alive until I couldn’t. Yes I’ve done my time, taken my chances, gone the distance, now I’m back on my feet but I’m a girl who has fought and survived … Now I’m free to live πŸ™